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The art of living

By  since childhood I go through life sensitively. That makes my journey colorful, eventful, and full of intense connections. And the journey also comes with its challenges. This has made me a lot of beautiful life lessons richer so far. Including: not everything wants to be solved with thinking alone, the body is sometimes many times wiser.

Raised in Voorburg, obtained VWO in The Hague, Business Administration Master in Rotterdam and eventually deepened  in the systemic thinking of Oriental Medicine Shiatsu at the Dutch School of Classical Shiatsu. That, in a nutshell, is the line you can draw from my resume. Gradually with projects in sustainable and social sectors, as a project leader, executor and/or entrepreneur, it became clear to me: the level of awareness among people contributes to the quality of the project. But what I find even more important is that the level of consciousness in people contributes to the quality of life.  

It is my mission to let people experience harmony.

Shiatsu is the tool that I take out of my backpack for this.


I would like to get to know you better to get to know you  check if there is a match. Shiatsu offers a personal and healing journey. A correct match between therapist and client is important for both.  


Intuition is a big part of my way of working. A combination of years of yoga, qi gong, do-in, reiki, coaching, entrepreneurship, systemic working allows me to react flexibly and translate signals into a wide variety of contexts.  

I work from a home practice, in Doorwerth and in Voorburg.  

You are most welcome!

Now it is also possible to receive a shiatsu treatment online. Together we will investigate how you can give yourself a treatment. Read more here.

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